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Two families (Sex i familien - Nær relation)

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Historie id: 1036
Udgivet: 05-01-2007 10:51:13
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Single parenting had a lot of problems. Alice Stadler watched the six kids playing in the lot between her home and John's next door. Alex and Andrew, the thirteen year old twins with brown hair and hazel eyes, and Sally, the twelve year old with sparkling blue eyes and blond hair were hers.

The twelve year old ruddy skinned red head, David, and the thirteen year old blue eyed, brunette twins, June and Jane were John's. John Smiley was a widower of eight years and had moved in next door about a year before. Her own husband had disappeared five years ago and she hadn't heard from him since. To make sure he didnt show up again and cause trouble, she had gotten a divorce.

As a neighborly gesture Alice had taken a pot of soup over to the new arrivals on the first day. She took one look at John and her cunt had started to ubricate. She noticed with satisfaction that John's pants pushed out at the same time. She was pleased that she was as attractive to him as he was to her. The kids got together immediately and formed a close knit group. Alice would have liked to get as close to John.

It seemed like a natural set up. For the first time there was a man about her own age that she found attractive and available and he lived right next door.

The two of them did get to exchange words now and then and they seemed to like the same things. The problem was the kids. Neither of them felt their kids were old enough to be left alone at night. This meant that they both had to hire baby sitters if they wanted to go on a date.

Baby sitters did bite into the budget but that wasn't the major problem. The kids thought that they were too old for baby sitters and they raised one awful fuss whenever it was suggested. It ended up that the dates she did have with John were family outings to a picnic or a nearby lake for swimming. This was far from satisfactory, she wanted to be alone with John. She felt he

wanted to be alone with her too.

John was watching the same kids at the same time. They were all attractive, energetic kids and they got along well. Their affinity for each other made the group rather exclusive. He rarely saw any of their school friends join them and they were usually home and together every day after school.

Occasionally they broke into male and female groups and put their heads together for girl talk or boy talk. On rarer occasions, David and Sally would separate from the two pairs of twins. As soon as they noticed the separation, however, the younger kids normally worked their way back into the company of the older. They all seemed to be developing normal social relations.

The kids were normal, healthy, and very active. They sometimes wound up in sexually indiscriminate wrestling bouts that sometimes turned out to be not too innocent. On occasion, Sally had felt a bulge form in her brothers' and David's pants when their hips had rubbed against her. The girls discussed this and June and Jane explained what it meant to Sally, and that they liked the feel. The girls rubbed up against the boys as often as they thought they could get away with it. It was cute the way the boys blushed and tried to get away as soon as it happened.

The boys were quite aware of what was going on. The rubbing wasn't accidental. They liked to feel the girls' budding tits against them and they liked to feel their pricks get hard and rub against the girls. As most boys of their age, however, they were shy. Once their objective was attained they got frightened of the possible consequences and pulled away from the contact. In their innocence, they would have been shocked if they found out the girls were trying to do the same things they were. Girls don't do things like that!

Sally had caught glimpses of her brothers pricks when they forgot to shut the bathroom door while they pissed. Pricks fascinated her as much as the process of standing up to piss. One time David used the bathroom at their house and left the door open. Sally got to see him piss and she watched as he milked the last drops out of his prick. His prick was smaller than her brothers pricks and she thought it was real cute. She'd wanted to go into the bathroom with him and play with it, but knew he would be too embarrassed to live. She wasnt sure she was ready for something like that either. She had the courtesy to sneak away hoping he wouldn't find out that she peeked.

She sometimes left the bathroom door open when she went to the toilet particularly when she knew that David was in the house. She never caught the boys peeking but she hoped they did. She imagined them peeping around the bathroom door when she rubbed between her legs at night. It made it feel better when she got that good feeling that June and Jane called an orgasm.

Some times she'd imagine she was playing with David's prick or that he was rubbing her and that felt even better.

David had the same avid interest in Sally. He knew that Sally had seen him and he had been embarrassed. He couldn't understand why he just stood there and let her look instead of turning away. His prick got hard when he milked down the last drops and after Sally left he closed the door so he could jerk off.

David caught many glimpses of Sally in the bathroom but was always disappointed because he couldn't see the slit that he knew she had between her legs even though he'd never seen one on a girl. If he waited till she stood up he might see more but then she might see him peeking so he never waited.

Both pairs of twins were as interested in sex as their younger siblings and were slightly less timid. Each shared a bedroom with their twin, and their bedrooms faced each other across the empty lot. The boys discovered this and they would watch every night to see if they could get a glimpse of the girls getting undressed. It wasn't till three months after they moved in that the girls forgot to pull down the shades for the first time. The boys had their lights out and they jerked off while they watched the girls get undressed and into their pajamas.

The next night Alex suggested they leave their lights on and the shades up.

Andrew enthusiastically concurred. They waited for the girls come into their bedroom then started to undress. It wasn't easy and they were embarrassed and they blushed but they went ahead with the scheme. They pretended they didn't know the girls were there as they took off their clothes. Their pricks did get hard from the idea that the girls could see them. They noticed that the girls didn't pull down their shade till after the boys were in their pajamas.

The next night the girls left the shade up as they undressed and walked in front of the window much more than was necessary. The boys followed suit.

After that they watched each other undress every night and recently had started to handle their sex organs while facing the window. The boys never commented on this mutual viewing to the girls and the girls never said a word about it to the boys either John's thoughts ran parallel to Alice's. She was an attractive woman just past thirty five. For a mother of three she'd kept her figure. He estimated her for a D cup bra. and a classical thirty six, twenty four, thirty six, figure. He saw her surveying the kids from her porch. She was enough to knock your eye out. As a matter of fact she was enough to give you a hard on. He felt himself erecting and grinned ruefully to himself. Would he love to get her alone with no kids around for a couple of hours.

Alice saw John looking at her and waved. He was a handsome man just past his middle thirties. The well defined gray streaks developing in his hair gave him a dignified appearance. He was about six feet and she guessed he was no more than a hundred and seventy five pounds. That certainly wasn't skinny but it sure wasn't fat. Would she like to get him alone for two or three hours with no kids around.

The kids had shifted to their three and three configuration. Both groups were observing their parents. David was telling Alex and Andrew that he thought his father was crazy for not marrying their mother. She was a knockout, any man would be lucky to get her. The twins admitted that they thought it was a good match too.

Sally was making the same comments to June and Jane. She thought her mother should grab hold of their father as soon as possible. Some other woman might come along and steal him from Alice. None of the kids realized that they were the main stumbling block. Without them in the way the adults would probably been living together by now.

In spite of the impediments the romance did flourish even though those impediments in the form of the various kids seemed to conspire against them.

Alice had gone over to John's house for a late cup of coffee one night and they had wine instead. They were sitting on the couch and had maneuvered themselves rather close together. Alice put her head on John's shoulder. John turned his head kissed her.

One of his hands moved up to mold her breast while her hand wandered into his lap and stroked his prick. David, half asleep, staggered down for a drink of orange juice. The magic moment was past.

Another time John had been working late and Alice had the Smiley kids for dinner. The Smiley kids had been chased home and the Stadler kids had been sent to bed about ten o'clock. They had to be rested for school the next day.

John stopped to find out how things had gone and to thank Alice.

When Alice opened the door, they found themselves in each other's arms.

Alice felt her juices flowing and a hard prick pressed against her belly. There was a clatter upstairs then the sound of a torrent of piss pouring into the toilet.

The toilet flushed and one of the twins stumbled back to his bedroom but another magic moment was lost.

Both of them laughed at each other and at themselves after each of these episodes. It was at a picnic the weekend immediately after the torrent of piss incident that John proposed marriage. He told Alice that he had given up trying to seduce her. He was now convinced that the kids conspiring against them the only way to get her into bed was to marry her.

Alice agreed that it was a shame and that they would probably have to do things legally, it was more fun if you sneaked around a little first. After some lengthy consultation they set the first week in August as the tentative date for their wedding.

This was almost three months away but it was practical and convenient.

John's house was the bigger, but it wasn't nearly big enough for a family of eight. It needed major alterations and a considerable addition. At the end of the school year the kids could be sent away to summer camp and the renovations could take place with the least inconvenience to all concerned.

John felt that the wedding could take place in August, but the consummation would probably take place the first day that the kids were at camp. Even that was still a long way off but he'd waited this long, he could wait a little longer.

The fates conspired against them. John had to make a business trip that included all seven branch offices of his company the first three weeks of July.

Sally was invited to visit her grandfather in the same city that John's business had it's main office. it was arranged that John would take Alice there, take his swing around the offices, winding up back at the main office, then return with Sally.

Another hitch developed. David chose four days before camp started to fall out of a tree and break his wrist. John wouldn't be home and the house would be torn apart anyway, so David would stay with Alice while John and Sally were away. On the first Saturday in July both pair of twins went off to camp and Sally went off with John to visit her grandfather.

David was very disappointed that he was going to miss the camp but realized it didnt make much sense going there with a broken wrist. He had to move in with Alice until his wrist healed.

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